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PACIA Engineering Services is a professional engineering services company. We focus on the 3D digital plant pipeline design ,instrumentation design and CAD drawings, and other related professional and technical services which are provided by advanced digital tools, involve professional chemical, electric power and other fields.
We have a powerful team of engineers, undergraduate and above more than 90%, mainly concentrated in the process, piping, instrumentation, and other professionals, the original geographic information systems field advantage is preserved, while the team has mastered a variety of popular engineering software such as ProCAD, PDS 3D, AutoPlant (2D & 3D), PDMS (2D & 3D), SmartPlant Review, SmartPlant Instrumentation, etc.
Our clients include: Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd, BASF-YPC Company Limited , Worley Parsons, and Bayer.
We have a experienced of engineering project and software knowledge experienced team of experts, to provide personnel with basic knowledge of pre-service training, professional technical training which clients need, technical advanced training, the standard workflow and comprehensive management training.  
Through our innovative approach, excellent team of engineers and a good sense of service received a highly positive domestic from international clients.